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​Going Concern Valuations

  • Valuations are undertaken on a variety of scenarios, however the most common are those reflecting the Freehold or Leasehold Going Concern interests.

  • The Freehold Going Concern interest reflects both the property and business components, while the Leasehold interest reflects the business component only.

  • Both consider the financial and occupancy position of the centre, together with a wide variety of other issues. 

  • All information provided is collated, inputted into our systems and then generated into the reports with detailed commentary.

Lessor or Passive Valuations

  • This form of valuation reflects the value of the centre based on a lease agreement, and is generally completed for institutional clients and private investors.

  • This market has experienced significant movement in recent years and we have a wide variety of clients coming to us seeking advice as to the current market, risk identification and general consultancy in relation to the lease tenure and demographics.

  • We have seen leases alter over the course of the last 10 years with overall tenure extending, while investors have been attracted to the sector due to long term leases to a tenant that receive significant benefits from the Government.

Proposed or Planned Centres

  • Darren is often approached by clients in relation to proposed centres.

  • Clients sometimes seek his views on the proposed floor plans while other times  will seek  advice on location, population and competition statistics, proposed developments in the area, fee comparisons and trade up time frames.

  • The level of proposed development in a number of areas, particularly those where there is little barrier to entry for competing centres to be developed, is causing concern amongst a number of investors and lenders.

  • It is critical to provide unbiased and appropriate advice to clients in relation to not only the nature of the centre being acquired but also the security of the tenure that they are buying. There is no point in buying a centre with a 15 year lease where the tenant may vacate in 6 months.

Limited Liability Clause

  • Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation